The philosophy of the office

Gardens and Parks are Backdrops

The settings of gardens and parks form backdrops before which visitors, whether public or private, are able to act out a role in their very own play.
The manner in which we approach the design of gardens, parks and landscapes depends entirely on the character of the space and how it will ultimately be used.
We consider both the shape and structure of the existing surroundings and, naturally, the needs and wants of the visitors or clients, and then act as an intermediary and instigator between the space and the user.
We see ourselves as a tool which can be used to lend shape and expression to the conscious and subconscious wishes of clients or visitors.
The design must be strong and clear so as to bestow lasting energy, expression and purpose upon the open space we have crafted.
Our aim is to create gardens and parks with which we can identify on an emotional level, yet which still retain a lasting, timeless clarity.
Our garden-creations are therefore not restricted by genre. We are able to bring our ideas to fruition whatever the desired style.
A contemporary style is neither a prerequisite nor a hindrance to achieving high-quality design.