Business Center Bolshevik Factory in Moskau

The historical buildings of the Bolshevik confectionery factory have been renovated, preserving all the essential elements of the original structure. The Bolshevik Business and Cultural Center is a 19th-century industrial masterpiece in the center of Moscow. The buildings with their magnificent brick façade, factory chimney and exquisite interior elements have been carefully restored by the architectur John McAslan. Located on Leningradsky Prospekt, the center offers office space of the highest international standards in one of the most dynamic districts of the Russian capital and benefits from a high quality retail and business infrastructure. Within the ensemble is also the Museum of Russian Impressionism, which occupies a separate building and at the same time justifies the right of the Bolsheviks to be a center for economy and culture.

Part of the historic interiors of Bolshevik will be converted into residential units and lofts. Our design office has been commissioned by O1-Properties with the design of the outdoor facilities with the main focus on the inner courtyard of the living area. From five preliminary design variants, a draft was generated, which should be implemented in 2018.

In cooperation with natureform-Студия Архитектура Живой Формы Landscaping Moscow.

Planning: October 2017
Performance picture: 2-part 5 HOAI