Aquaponic garden, contribution at the IGA Berlin 2017

Our office was chosen as part of the “Gardening and Gardening Competition” (IGA Berlin 2017) with the contribution “Aquaponic Garden” and was commissioned to implement it on the presentation area of the Garden and Landscaping Association eV on the IGA site.
The implementation was carried out in cooperation with Kittel and Kruska GmbH & Co. Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzpflege KG.

The Aquaponic Garden is used as an IGA classroom at the IGA within the framework of the campus program with the theme: Gardening & Plants, Nature & Environment. Pupils can learn how aquaponics, the breeding of fish and plants as an ecological cycle, how the different realms of nature (animals, plants, algae, fungi, bacteria) play and what in a world Of monocultures and technologized agriculture.

Aquaponic Garden – The expansion of the terraced garden into the vertical

The wall between detached houses is designed as a living ‘aquaponic wall’.
Excrements of the living fish from a basin at the bottom of the wall fertilize the planted wall: a vegetable garden, a ‘shelf’ with perennials and a swimming herbal gutter in the garden table.
Vegetables and herbs are produced, a dense, green wall swallows sounds, binds fine dust and offers insects and birds a home.
Lawn in the gaps of the clinker surface makes the rainwater infiltrate.
A roof-shaped tree, hedges of apple berries and ornamental apples, a mossy basket with grasses and a flowerbed are an experience for human users, insects and birds.

realization: Mai 2016 up to April 2017
opening: 13. April 2017

IGA Berlin and senate of berlin Award for sustainable urban agricultur for Aquaponic Garden.