Competition ‚Garden situations IGA Berlin 2017‘, selected for the realization, Berlin Award for sustainable urban agricultur

Themed Garden: Aquaponic Garden – The house garden becomes an experience garden as a contribution to ‘gardening situations IGA Berlin 2017

Aquaponic Garden – The expansion of the terraced garden into the vertical

The wall between detached houses is designed as a living ‘aquaponic wall’.
Excrements of the living fish from a basin at the bottom of the wall fertilize the planted wall: a vegetable garden, a ‘shelf’ with perennials and a swimming herbal gutter in the garden table.
Vegetables and herbs are produced, a dense, green wall swallows sounds, binds fine dust and offers insects and birds a home.
Lawn in the gaps of the clinker surface makes the rainwater infiltrate.
A roof-shaped tree, hedges of apple berries and ornamental apples, a mossy basket with grasses and a flowerbed are an experience for human users, insects and birds.

Competition contribution 

Result: selected for realization
Realization: 2016/17
Opening: April 13, 2017

IGA Berlin and senate of berlin Award for sustainable urban agricultur for Aquaponic Garden